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First-time home buyer grants are a great way to save money when buying a home for the first time. There are grant programs in every county in Arizona. People love first-time home buyer grants, but not enough people know about them. The grants are given to you at the closing, and you can’t get them back. There are programs that may help you buy a home for up to $20,000, like home buyer subsidies and help with the down payment.

How exactly do FHA grants work?

First-time home buyer grants are used to help with the down payment on a home. Local mortgage lenders and companies that help with down payments have joined forces to make the process easier. For first-time homebuyer incentives to work, a lender needs to be approved. The money comes from Housing, Non-Profit Organizations, and Private Lenders. These programs give money to buyers who qualify, so they don’t have to make a down payment. On average, our customers put about $2,500 into their new property. The amount of a grant depends on your credit score and income, but there are programs for almost everyone. There are now programs that don’t care about your income. Use the Eligibility Checker to find out which programs are best for you based on your income and credit score.

The Best Grant Programs for Buying a Home

All organizations that give out home buyer grants have teamed up with local lenders to help you. To get the grants, you must borrow from a lender who is approved. Use our Home Buyer Grant Eligibility Checker to see if you are eligible for a program. It will find the grant program that works best for you based on your income and credit score.